So, I really wanted to make something from CupcakesAndCashmere.com today, and my mom and I decided on these popovers with strawberry (cherry) butter.  Though they turned out perfectly, the recipe was like reading a book.  I'm pretty sure my mom never will want to bake with me again since I got so stressed out.  When it comes to baking I measure everything exactly, and it becomes a bit stressful.  Yet, somehow I always forget some important ingredient.  Nevertheless, these were a-ma-zing! I told my mom I felt like Julie and Julia (though I've never seen it) because I was trying to make the strawberry butter and she made it look so easy on her blog, but I had butter all over me and mine looked so bad.  I made cherry butter, so I'll just blame it on the difference in color.   The end result after all the stress however was therapeutic, and made me oh so happy on this chilly October day.

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