I was in a terrible mood yesterday, mostly due to the snow and school.  So, I decided to go to the mall (usually a recipe for disaster). Just when I thought nothing in the world could cheer me up, the beautiful christmas decorations, Crate & Barrel's new christmas decor, peppermint lattes, and Christmas music were floating through the air around me.  One of the best things about Christmas time shopping is Victoria's Secret's new collections.  I think this year their new collection is better than all the previous years, and I just wish that I could buy everything in that store.  It's truly a silly thing to spend your money on as they lie under your clothes and they are ridiculously expensive, but there is something fun about wearing a pretty new bra and no one knows.

I splurged and bought this at VSecret:
and then I was super excited when I found these hot pants at F21 (I can't wait to wear them)

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