A Warm December.

Dress Yves Saint Laurent
Miss Me Spring 2011 Collection
Resin Bangles, Dinasaur Designs NYC

I love how Elle's December 2010 cover shoot is totally rejecting the idea of the cold.  I always wondered why people are so entranced by the idea of snow and cold weather.  Sure, there are cute coats, cozy fireplaces, and warm cocoa but there is a theme for all of those... warmth! It's because being cold hurts! Why not just go somewhere like this where you can wear  a cute sundress and get a tan while sipping your Mai Tai.   That's my kind of winter.


  1. Hello!

    I know you've just started your blog and I want you to know you're doing great! I really like it! I've started mine back in September... just remember why you've started and have fun! :-)


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. i love love lvoe pink and orange and coral and melon and any colours from that family. sigh. want summer.


  3. haha--completely agree with you; except when you can't be somewhere warm for the winter, you try to distract yourself with the nice things about winter (like cute coats ;)) to get you through it!

    p.s.--just discovered your blog & lovin' it!


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