Chasing Waves and Life.

I was interviewed by Okreko! You can read my interview here or below. Enjoy!
[my favorite place in the world: where my feet hit the ocean]

When and why did you start blogging? 

I woke up one day and decided I wasn't going to fall into the life that everyone always does. I decided I wanted to follow my dreams and move to where I always wanted to go...Australia! My dream job has always been to be a travel writer, and I love photo journalism. So, blogging about my journey towards finding pure joy and contentment by traveling the world just fit for me. 

Why do you like blogging and what makes you post? 

I love to write about what I am passionate about. I think it always comes through when I write, exactly how I feel at that moment about whatever I am talking about. People can read me easily in real life, and I think that's a uniqueness about my blog also. 

Most bloggers find it hard to get an audience, whats your advice? 

Photos are the first thing people see. I believe that the photos you put up need to deliver a story to people and not just sit there, lifeless. There are so many blogs out there that just copy and paste pictures, but I like to tell a story with mine and share how they make me feel. 

Why should okreko readers follow your blog? 

I am moving to Australia in a couple weeks and I think this is something most people want to do. I want my readers to live vicariously through me, and experience the world and find joy in their homes through what I share on my blog. 

Whats a typical day like in your life? 

Right now I am getting everything packed, ready, and preparing myself for the move from Denver, CO, US to Sydney, Australia. I'm scared, excited, nervous, and anxious. I have no idea what my everyday life will be like over there, but all I can hope for is an adventure. 

Whos your favourite designer? 

By my blog title you would think it would be Prada, but that's just an ode to all the fashion world. Right now I can't stop obsessing over Jeffrey Campbell's shoes! 

Who or What is your biggest style influence? 

A tie between Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere and Betty from Le Blog de Betty. 

If you had a fashion label what would it be called? 

Maybe "Mi Piace." It means "I like it" in Italian. I picked this up when I lived in Italy, and now every time I see something I want or love, I think or say, "mi piace." to myself. 

What item of clothing do you wish more people wore? 

I wish I saw more people wearing socks with their heels. I love this trend so much, but in Denver I haven't seen anyone wearing it. I feel like I'm the only one who has embraced this trend, and I love it! 

What item do you think is a must have right now? 

A Faux Fur Coat! Especially with the cold weather, this is definately a must have. 

Describe yourself in one word? 



  1. I absolutely LOVE this post! I cannot wait to read about all your adventures! Keep up the wonderful work, I certainly adore reading your posts!



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  3. Great interview! Atleast we able to know more about you. Goodluck to your new endeavor in life, may you find what you really wanted:)

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  5. Lovely post dear! It's so exciting to move to a new place! Australia is defenitely on my top 10 list of countries I want to visit!

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  6. Loved this post... wow I wish that I am as courageous as you are! Good luck in australia.. can't wait to read about your experience.

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    Do not forget to tell us about your trip there:)

  8. I love your blog, it is very inspirational! Great interview, I enjoyed reading it!

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  13. Great interview! I would love to travel around like you do some day! See you round in Australia.

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  14. Loved the interview and I can't wait to keep reading your blog as you make the big move to Oz!!

  15. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love this interview, it definitely gave me a better idea of how you got started with blogging. I can't wait to follow you on this exciting journey. Happy Holidays!

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  17. Great post! Love the interview. :)

  18. It takes guts to follow your dreams and I really admire you for that. I've always wanted to move to Australia too! Maybe I'll do the same thing and see you there? I can't wait to read more of your adventures! xoxooxxoo

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  23. I am so proud of you!! You will always be my little sanctuary!

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