Comfort Food.

As if to make my graduation that much sweeter, school decided to push me to my limits.  Being done with school will be the sweetest relief ever.   After a stressful day, I wanted to make some comfort food... I decided on Mini-Burgers and Cheddar-Ranch Bread.  For dessert I made some microwave S'mores. 

Burger Recipe: Mix hamburger meat with 1 egg, parsley, garlic, 1 tbsp olive oil, and basil. I made these in a skillet because I am afraid of the barbecue. Sprinkle with shredded muenster cheese and shredded cheddar.


  1. Congrats grad! Where are you graduating from?


  2. Thanks Doll- University of Colorado at Denver! International Business :)
    2 more weeks...

  3. Omg. I was planning to move to Denver this past September but my plans fell through. How crazy. Maybe I'll pick your brain one of these days about the area and the best places to live. Are you from Colorado?

    Email me when you have some time!



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