Starry Eyed & Moon Light.

By popular demand, I chose my purple shoes to go out and celebrate last night.  We went to this amazing bar/restaurant downtown called Vesta Dipping Grill, one of the hot spots in Denver, and we got our dinner paid for which was so nice.   I saw prosecco on the menu from Venezia, Italy and I was so excited.  I haven't had prosecco, a sparkling white wine, since I was in Rome, and it is one of my favorite drinks.  I will be getting a new camera soon, so that all my pictures in Australia will look better than this.  It is my Christmas present to myself.
Dress (from Rome), Calzedonia tights, Calzedonia leg warmers, Nine West shoes, Passports & Prada headband, Revlon Strawberry Suede lipstick. I made this chain headband because I loved the one from NastyGal so much, but it was too expensive.  I will be selling it soon on Etsy. 
Lunetta Prosecco
Saigon Beef Skewers.  Ginger soy glaze, coconut rice fritters, indonesian chili sause, sweet chili ginger. 


  1. Oh, i loved your outfit :D Amazing..

    xxx Tamy

  2. This outfit is ADORABLE!! You have the most fab style. :) And that food looks so yummy! xo

  3. Love heels and legwarmers! Food looks amaz!


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  4. Oh my gosh! The leg warmers over your heels are so amazing! And congrats on finishing college! It's time to really live life!


  5. The leg warmers are the best party of your outfit! Ok, maybe your hat is ;-) But I do want a pair of leg warmers for myself!!

  6. Oh my word... love your outfit! Those leg warmers are so cute.


  7. Yaaay! Hope it was a great night. The food looks delish. So does the wine. Nice outfit, Summer doll!

    And I wish I could see the headband better. I love the chains! At first I thought they were earrings.


  8. really cute! the leg warmers make the look, their a nice touch

    btw-i've posted a leather jacket giveaway and would love for you to enter

  9. Um I am in love with those leg warmers! And your shoes :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. i am a new follower of yours and would for you to do the same!

  10. What a lovely post! you're amazing so with your outfit. Your shoes is more than nice now that you're wearing it..looks like a great dinner!


  11. Oh BTW thanks for following back I really appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

  12. ehi thank u so much for your comment on my blog!!
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    amazing blog,kisses.


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