Waffles & Chocolates.

Whenever anyone stays over at my place, you get treated to waffles in the morning.  Its kindof my thing. I adore chocolate chip waffles and my belgian waffle maker.  I've had a bad week, so I've done alot of indulging.  The calories don't count if you deserve it.
I learned 2 new things about myself this week.  (I feel like Samantha Who? trying to discover myself again).  1- I discovered that I can be very feisty when provoked.  2- I discovered that all is forgiven with a box of chocolates, and trust me I was on my way to no forgiveness.  I am glad that these delicious chocolates opened up my eyes to remind me that you should always forgive and forget.  


  1. the joys of slumber parties Summer's!

  2. OMG the deliciousness. Can I come over for a slumber party? lol


  3. Forgiving anyone in particular?

  4. waffles sound delicious. I used to always make sleepover friends my "christmas pancakes" when they stayed over, no matter what time of year:)


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