Good Goon & Gouda.

I've seen all the girls wearing these on the streets and I love them, so I had to buy a few crop tops for myself.  I couldn't beat the deals at $5 a piece.  I also love how they are short in the front and longer in the back.  That was I can show some skin without going overboard. With some cute cutoffs, I'm good to go!
This dress was also $5 from Cotton On, and I bought a pair of flip flops [aka OZ: thongs] for $2 as well. The back of the dress dips down low, & I love the summery pattern.

This morning I stopped off for a cappuccino at a cute outdoor cafe and ate some fresh raspberries, gouda, & crackers that I bought at the fresh farmer's market down the road from my hostel.  Going to a hostel by myself was a big step for me.  It's much easier living at my friend's house where I was comfortable and at ease.  It was a comfort blanket for me, but I have been in the hostel 3 days and have met so many interesting people.  We talk about all the slang words that each of us use in our different countries and laugh at the funny way it sounds to us.  It has been hilarious as we spend most of our time trying to copy each other's languages.  [I almost have the Aussie, English & Irish accents down or at least I think so]. I've noticed I've started to same some words differently, with a little aussie accent which makes me really happy! I enjoy people watching, especially in the Sydney Harbour where everyone is all dressed up going on the dinner cruises and parties on the boats.  Everyone around us was so full of joy, and I just kept saying how lucky we were to be here.  There were multiple bachelorette parties with 20 girls walking by in their cute matching outfits, costume parties, weddings, and dinner cruises. All I could think is that this is the life I want.  This is where I have always dreamed of and never knew it.  It just feels right to be here. Back home in Colorado, my whole life I have felt that I wasn't meant to live there.  I feel lucky to have found a place in this world where I truly feel like I belong.  Colorado will always be my home of course, but there is just so much more out there for me, and I feel so happy that I didn't get stuck somewhere I didn't belong. I love the sun, the smiles, the warmth, the ocean, the food, the fashion... the list  is never ending.
The joy of the people here is incredible.  
This is the way life should be, and I won't settle for anything less.


  1. The crop tops are really cute! It's so nice to find a place where you belong like that! :) x

  2. this is amazing i'm so happy you're enjoying it and embracing everything!! hostel is a HUGE step kudos to you!! those crop tops are so damn cute, i wish it was the season here. and the last photo is so great!


  3. really like the look of those crop tops.
    You sound like your having a great time, it sounds so nice, a few of my friends have gone to Australia- it make me wana go too lol! x


  4. wow. sigh. I want to visit! because of the sunshine and that joy in life!

    maybe I can give you a little joy via my giveaway...yay for personalized stationery :) xoxo {av}

  5. You're making want to move to Australia, seriously! the way you describe the place makes it sound like the happiest place ever. I am going to have to visit soon.

    Mucho love,


  6. wow. lovely pictures. I am so glad for you being in australia right now.

    X. Annie


  7. Australia is definitely an inspirational, amazing & beautiful place!
    Sweet post, I loved your words. :)
    I hope you enjoy your time in the Hostel and carry on meeting amazing people!

  8. Wow you make sydney sound so amazing! Not that it's not, but your words make is sound like somewhere mythical. Glad you're enjoying it :)
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  9. Your photography is so outstanding you could be a professional photographer. How do you know what is a great picture. What an eye for color and contrast. Love it!!!

  10. Found your blog tonight on Bloglovin. LOVE IT. So jealous of your Australian travels and your cute new crop tops =)



  11. Such a nice post!! :) I love your crop tops :) I am glad you are having a good time & can't wait to hear more!


  12. I love Cotton On!!! Everything's so cheap there and they have some really cute stuff.

    I really miss Australia!

  13. Jenni, I love reading your blog! I love your optimism! :)


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