40 Cent.

One of the simplest, but most amazing experiences here in Surfers Paradise has been the 40 cent meals at hard rock café with my friends and new ones.   Every day for 40 days at 4 o’clock, for the first 40 people, hard rock café has been serving 40 cent meals.    They have all been incredible and I have had the greatest times at Hard Rock every day with my friends.  Sometimes, I invite random people from the hostel to go with me, and I have made some incredible friends from all over the world.
Ps. This blazer from Factorie has been my very best friend in this Australian "winter"...


  1. looks like such a great time! xx

  2. AnonymousJune 03, 2011

    Oh, I love this.... how amazing to get .40 meals. That is awesome! You are so beautiful! Miss you! M

  3. yummy yummy! fun fun!




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