Italy in OZ.

Pizza has been my favorite food since I can remember, so I pride myself on knowing a good pizza when I taste it.  

So, here's my little (but BIG) secret.  When I lived in Italy I searched for the best pizza in Rome, and I found it.  It's a local secret in the smallest pizza shop ever, but it is truly the best pizza in the world.  I can't imagine anything yummier. You have to shout and push people to get your order in, stand up while you eat it, and it is always super-packed in there...but trust me it is always worth it. So, if you ever go to Italy, make sure you stop by this un-named pizza shop to experience the best pizza in all of Rome.

Via Giacinto Carini, 42
00152 Roma, Italy

...but now that I am in Australia, I am on a hunt for the best pizza here:
Apparently its a big problem... people asking for pineapple on the pizzas.  We had to laugh at this ridiculously serious sign, and it took everything in me not to ask for pineapple on our pizza.  I'm pretty sure they would've thrown me out though.
Caffe Dell'Isola on Magnetic Island
Kangaroo Pizza @ The Australian Hotel in Sydney
(so amazingly yummy but i wanted to cry while i was eating it b/c of the cute little kangaroos)

These are my 2 favorite pizzas in Australia... so far :)


  1. Oh my gosh my tummy is rumbling so loudly Summer!! This looks scrumptious, I plan to visit Rome next year so I'll make note of this address!

    Eda ♥


  2. that no pineapple sign is crazy, i <3 pineapple on pizza... what kind of wackos were running that joint!?!


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