No Singlets.

I originally came to Perth wanting to get an apartment and finally unpack my suitcase.  But then I realized that I actually love the backpacker lifestyle, mostly because I am never alone if I don't want to be.  There is always someone in the tv room, the cafe next door, the movie room, going for a jog on the beach, going into town, cooking, eating, etc...  I love that! I can always walk 10 steps away and be on the beach in solitude if I want (see above), but I don't need too much time alone, just enough to sort my thoughts out.

Yesterday evening, a group of us wanted to work out, so we all went to the beach gym & did a little workout sesh at sunset.  Tonight, I am teaching everyone pilates on the beach. Sure, it can get annoying that I sleep on a top bunk in a room with 7 other people, or that my clothes are still in my suitcase, or that I have to lock up my plate and silverware so no one steals it... but that's worth it to me to have all these amazing people from all over the world around me.  

What I am currently LOVING about life right now:
Workout Sessions @ sunset
Planning my birthday
Seeing Marty Party (my puppy) lookalikes on the beach
Raisin Toast (such a luxury)
P.S. I Love You
An Aussie TV show called "Balls of Steel"
Free BBQ in the courtyard tonight
Best worship song ever: Kari Jobe-Revelation
Meeting new people every day
Teaching my Taiwanese roommate english
Bonfire beach parties
Watermelon, Apple, & Strawberry juice
Realizing that this sign made sense to me without even trying:
No flip flops
No tank tops
No bathing suits

You need your passport if you want to get in here, American!


  1. Oh my gosh really! Sounds like you're having such a fab time, I would love to visit!

    Eda ♥


  2. i love Perth!! i love having dinner at fremantle and lunch at subiaco hehehe

  3. Amazing pictures that capture the essence of the place and your writing brings it to life. Happy Birthday Summer!

  4. wow nice photos



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