Hundreds & Thousands.

I rarely watch Australian TV, but today I caught a commercial that really took me in.  This totally inspired me to start doing more photography, and I just had to share these amazing photos with you!!!
EOS Photo5 is Canon's annual creative photography competition that begins with a brown box. Inside there are 5 separate photographic briefs to challenge photographers. This year, the briefs will take your senses to a whole new level. Plus, for the first year we have a Portfolio competition, which means there’s another way for you to win the amazing prizes. There are only a limited number of official boxes available, but if you miss out on the box, everyone has a chance to enter the Open Brief.
 Amazing, aren't they?


  1. love the eye make up


  2. Wow, you should definitely enter some photography competition, your work is as good as any of those. Very cool.. COLORADO


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