Il Lido Sesh.

So, I wandered into this little italian canteen called Il Lido for my daily cup-a-cap (cappuccino) and stumbled upon the most perfect me-like intriguing hilarious artsy fashion magazine called Frankie.  I fell in love when I read a story from a girl ranting about when the right time is to show the guy your dating your disgusting miserable i-have-the-flu side of you.  Its witty and I had to go back to this cafe just to read more. Now its a weekly routine to catch up on my Frankie.  I am a regular there now, and the manager goes and fetches the Frankie mag and gets me a delightful cup-a-cap to sip on while I indulge. It's the best of both worlds.  I get my fashion-fix, help my never ending missing Italy problem, and have an amazing Australian cup of coffee overlooking to Indian Ocean. I call it my Il Lido therapy sesh cuz I feel good as new when I get through!

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  1. Really cute post!!! Now I want a "Cup a Cap" too.


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