T 4 2 & 2 4 T.

I definately never thought I would say (or write) this, but here comes my rant about ... TEA!  I wandered into a cool looking shop named T2 today, and I think I am a changed person.  No, honestly, I have never ever been a tea person... coffee ALWAYS and every morning. I never understood the allure of tea (or tea culture as compared to coffee culture), until I saw the extravagant and playful tea collections in this crazy little store. My favorite part was that they had samples of different mixtures, and I tried one that was iced ginger & lemongrass.  It was phenomenal.  If someone offered me tea in one of these, I would definately be impressed!
I was happy to find some photos online of the inside of the store because honestly, I think that might have been the reason for my extreme-drink-makeover.  I guess I am easily persuaded by a pretty cover, but the yummy taste definately helped too! Bonus, I've been wanting to eat healthier by only eating very natural, from the earth, kinds of foods.  This store sells each tea as a simple (such as, only rose buds, or only chamomile).  I think I spent an embarrassing amount of time on a tea website, but I encourage you to have yourself a cheeky little browse too: T2. I won't tell anyone! Xx


  1. colorful store


  2. Fantastic blog...you have made me want tea 2!

  3. Coffee has its obvious perks, but tea is an experience with all its different flavours.


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