I love how a movie can take you far, far away from yourself. I think it’s the only time when I fully lose myself, forget who I am, forget my body, forget what I’m going to say next, forget what I think.  I just sit there and watch as the movie takes over my life.  Then, when the movie ends and the credits start to roll, I start to remember who I am.  I rebuild what I think, regain consciousness and feeling in my body.  Sometimes, I feel happy to be myself, sometimes I feel sad.  Sometimes, I feel like I want to be with somebody.   It’s funny how a movie can change you.  It’s like a reincarnation time machine that you submit yourself to for 2 hours. As you sit down, give over your mind to Hollywood, and let it show you what it wants to.  You have no control yet hope for a happy ending. But if not, that’s okay, you’re still you at the end of those two hours, and what was going to happen before the movie started is still going to happen because it only takes about 15 minutes to get your head back in real life.  With our more common than not ADD, technology, and over stimulation, you’ll forget all about it in an hour.  What’s more, you never have to claim guilt for killing that villain or sleeping with his son.  To any one that knows you, nothing happened and none of that matters because your still you after that little time travel to Hollywood land.

Sometimes I think I get too into movies and that, my friends, is why I don’t watch scary movies. I have the inability to separate myself from the characters.  Maybe that’s a good thing; it certainly makes me challenge my own views on things.

Just watched: City Island. Good movie with a happy ending! Makes me want to hug my family.
{photo via Nirrimi}


  1. oo thats me too. i totally get lost in movies (whether in a theatre or not) like i'm there living it out with the characters. traveling to new places and seeing all kinds of new things. totally love it.

  2. Perfect description of what happens to me, as well. I'm just like you about scary movies. I also get the same effect from reading a good book, then when I'm finished with it, I am so sad I can never see my new friends again- because they only existed on a piece of paper. Gonna have to see that movie!

  3. You bring up a good point. Movies are probably the last things on the planet that make people focus on something other than their cell phones for more than a half hour. And it's a rare treat to be completely taken away from our immediate worries and transported somewhere else.


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