Elissa Coleman.

I'd like you to meet Elissa Coleman, a beautiful Aussie designer, stylist, entrepreneur, and my new found inspiration.  She just re-opened her beautiful store in my home-for-the-moment of Cottesloe, Western Australia.  After chatting with Elissa,  I learned how similar we both were despite her obvious incredible achievements in life.  I think it's all the world traveling that makes her so personable and down to earth and our common passions for fashion, interiors, and traveling that makes me relate to her so much. Because her husband lives in Rome and she has stores all over the world, she is a very experienced world traveller.  After telling her about my worries about my return when I move back to Colorado in January, she told me that it always takes her about a month to adjust and she calls that period the "re-entry." While she twirled about in her color-blocked fitting room, trying on all her clothes and mixing them with some vintage pieces she owned, she talked excitedly about the re-opening of her store and all the crazy adventures she's had. I can tell that she is finally living her passion, a mix between her love for fashion, interiors, and travel here in her home town after living pretty much everywhere around the world I dream of.  I think she's reached that point in her life where everything makes sense, all the traveling, all the different jobs, and all the re-entries, and it gives me hope for living all my passions in one perfect combination. I absolutely adore the fabrics she used to create her clothing, they are so light and perfect for life in Cottesloe.  Easy to wear to dinner at one of the nearby up-scale restaurants and easily transitioned into beach/resort wear.  Her clothes are made with beautiful bright colors that reflect the fabulous interiors of her boutique.  What's more is she hand makes all her clothing and puts tiny details (like a little metal heart-shaped charm with an E) that make you feel like you've bought a one of a kind piece (which you have)!  Let her style, her experiences, or her present inspire you, and take a peak at her website and her take on Summer 2011 in Australia.


  1. the dresses are so colorful, I would like one of each.

  2. I love when designers are awesome, inspiring people and I think it really reveals itself in their work. Glad you got to meet her!

  3. I want to be where she's at in 5 yrs!!!
    She's living my dream <3
    ~ Janeyl


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