These Last Pennies.

Festivals are the epitome of Australian happiness.  The thing about Aussies is they love their sun and any excuse to drink.  So, when summer comes, they dress up all crazy or strip down and party all day in the sun to any and every kind of music every weekend for as long as they can.  As a happy goodbye I decided to spend my last pennies on a few festivals before I left.  I chose Stereosonic and Sets on the Beach.  Sets on the Beach was actually my favorite because you got to watch the sun set on the ocean as you danced the night away on the sand.  I know these will both be memories from Oz I will never forget and that is priceless to me.


  1. oh i want a photo inside the ocean!! ;)

  2. Amazing photo in the ocean- that is a competition winner.... it catches the total sense of floating and peace..

  3. that photo in the ocean is so perfect


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