Pink Lady.

Ever since moving back to the US, I have missed the Pink Lady apples most.  I never enjoyed eating apples because I always thought the skin was too dry tasting... until I found Pink Ladies  I kept trying to find an apple that I could eat but none could compare. Then, I found them yesterday at Sprouts, a health food store, and I am so excited! Yes, I am excited over an apple.  You would be too, if you gave them a try!  Unless of course, your lucky enough to live in Australia where they are grown.  

Pink Lady apples must meet strict specifications in terms of sugar content, firmness, colour and environmentally friendly production methods. 
They are principally grown in Italy and extensively in Australia (my two favorite countries). The Pink Lady apple is becoming particularly popular in the United Kingdom (my next destination in Europe).
The Pink Lady apple  has a distinctive pink hue mixed with a green "background," and taste is tart. The Cripps Pink variety requires a long, 200 day growth period and a hot climate, making them un-growable in more temperate latitudes.
Aaaand... Pink Lady apples do not like the cold weather, which make them just like me :) 

Yup, I just posted about apples.


  1. Love apples


  2. Pink Lady's are my favourite apple! Perfect mix of sweet and sour taste.


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