Carry me.

I lay in the pool one last time, face up, floating, the way I learned in Australia.  If you relax every muscle in your body and let go of yourself, you float. The moon was perfectly centered in the middle of the sky, clouds twirling around it like Starry Night.  The sky is purple.  It is twilight and something about tonight's sunset made it perfectly indigo.  When my ears are submerged every irritation, worry, and thought disappears and I just listen to nothing but the water.  Floating and staring at the moon half hidden, waiting for it to speak to me.  Perfect stillness. Quiet. Peace. Refreshed. My life is new again, and I am just waiting for direction.  I followed You here, but where do I go now?  I am just floating in this living water waiting for the answer.


  1. That was the most moving piece of writing I've read in years and I got lost in the photo right along with you.

  2. Awesome.




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