Dove Girl.

Our "booth" with 4 presentation stations & the giveaway center (where I worked).
A bath full of Marbles (and headset) at one of the presentation stations.
Some lady snuck her puppy in with her purse! He popped out next to the Blackberry scanner we used to get all their info and survey the doctors.  
Of course, I got a massive craving for Dove chocolate while working as a Dove girl (the two not related btw).
If you ever have a chance to work at a Dermatology Conference, do it! I inadvertently got a 3 day job through a temp agency working as a Dove girl, and I loved it! We had so much fun handing out free samples to all the doctors, and... SCORE! I got tons of free stuff my last day. They were practically throwing this stuff away! Plus, it was the best people watching I've ever had.  We handed out 5000 bags of samples, and I'd say half of these doctors had plastic surgery gone bad. I looked up this little bad boy, and it alone was $70!!! A lot of this stuff isn't even out in stores yet... like Dove Sensitive Skin w/ nutrium moisutre Body Wash... its ahhhmazing. I definately have a new appreciation for Dove after working with them. I'm also really excited for the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate I'll definately update you guys on my faves! Xx


  1. ur booth was awesome!!!
    looks like a nice event!that last photo made me like :OOOOO

  2. thats sick!!! that bath tub looks so cool!!!

    xx Kelly


  3. The event looks like so much fun!


  4. Wow looks like it was a lot of fun! Omg, that puppy is so cute!

  5. wow i love it, I love the creams and all to care..

    one more shoes

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  7. That bath filled with marbles is incredible! Looks like an amazing event! :) New follower!



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