Mod Podge.

'What is this?' you say?...the result of a girls night in doing Mod Podge (a crafty glue for basically papier-mâché). Except, we used it on journals using scrap-booking paper and magazine cutouts.  It was a really great way to get to know everyone through their collages.  I wanted mine to be about fresh starts! Okay, so it's a little umm...first-timer, but I love it because it's personalized and meaningful to me!  We are also reading the book Redeeming Love, set in none-other-than California (how fitting). As a non-book-reader, I have to tell you I'm already hooked, and it's only been 3 chapters so far. That just doesn't happen, people (with the exception of Twilight).  Apparently, It's about a prostitute finding true love and so much more.  So, we shall see!


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