Pure & Lovely.

Download a free wallpaper from Ruche.  Ruffle Your Desktop.

 Exploring bright color combos like orange and green.  Explore.

 Show some love for children in need.  I'm excited to meet these great kids at this Luau on April 29th.
This event will support self-confidence and mental growth in children. Change their Lives.

Absolutely in love with OhKuol's handmade gemstone jewelry on Etsy.  Romance.

Stoked about the new layout on my Tumblr.  Come & get inspired!

My new favorite show on Hulu, with Laura Prepon from That 70's Show. 
Okay, not so pure but oh so funny... Love. 


  1. the ring is absolutely great!!

  2. i LOVE that green & white wallpaper with the orange couch! so fab! i love that show too..i was sad to read the ratings were not good..i hope they renew it!!

    xx Kelly


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