Festival Style.

I think that going to festivals in other countries is one of the best ways of experiencing their culture!
Festival Style: I love because it's all about expressing yourself.  A lot of times we hold back because of expectations of what we "should"wear and being "in-style," but at festivals it is a free for all! Anything & everything! No judgement or expectations. just expression! 
Love it. 
One of my goals in life is to make it to a festival in England- I've heard they are the best! I don't know how I could top the three I went to in Australia though (Good Vibes, Big Day Out, & Sets on the Beach)! Funny thing is, I've never been to a festival in America... I guess I should check it out, huh?
I do live in Cali, the Mecca of festivals, after all!

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  1. festival fashion is so fun! however, i always find myself going back to basics and leaving the crazy combos for everyone else :)


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