I absolutely love this video and everything about it.  I wish I could make one of these for every city that I have been to. There are so many amazing cities in the world just like this one that people should see from a different perspective.  I went to Amsterdam while I was studying abroad in Rome, Italy a few years ago.  It was beautiful and clean and not at all what I expected. I loved that it is similar to Venice. The Heineken Factory is my top recommendation.

BUT... the absolute best part about The Netherlands is the Dutchies themselves. I met so many who were traveling in Australia, and I can't wait to go visit them in The Netherlands!

Yes, I know this is confusing, but I think I finally figured it out (correct me if I'm wrong): 
The Netherlands is the Country.
Noord Holland & Zuid Holland are Regions of The Netherlands.
Holland is also used the entire Netherlands.
Amsterdam is the Capital of The Netherlands.
They speak Dutch.
They are Dutch
They are also Hollanders, or as I like to call them: Dutchies.
Kokosnoot means Coconut.
Australia used to be called New Holland.
Dutch people are really tall, so you should learn this phrase before you go there:
"Je bent echt lang"
(*thanks for the corrections my lovely dutchie: Christina from Fahs n Chips*)


  1. Aw haha, I love that you love my country ;) It almost makes me like living here!

    But just to correct you on a few tiny things: Holland is not a region, but Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland are. And "Ja bent echt lang" should be "JE bent echt lang" :)


    1. Thanks sweets :) Good to know- it's so confusing!


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