Let's Do Sunset.

I literally spent all weekend looking for a new place since our lease is up in July. 
I snapped a few photos of my friend's beach side apartment for some ideas for my future place. 
She's got mad Anthro-style.  Love it.

Meanwhile, this is what my place looks like:
My floor covered in listings with my belts laid out like the highways (see it?).  There are 5 of us now, so it's a full-time job trying to find the perfect place for all of us.  One of the best helps is the Trulia app on my iPhone.  I can search rentals around me wherever I am. Seriously, amazing.
Being proactive, but still trying to put it in God's hands. The hardest part for me is the commitment of a year-lease.  It makes me feel tied down, even though I know that this is where I want to be for now. A year just seems soooo long.  Don't worry, I'll still find a way to travel.  I'll just have a home... weird.

PS. new obsession: Coconut White Mochas. 

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