This Day Is Mine.

Sipping summer through the air
Blows over the green to me
Leave behind spider lines
Underneath the tree where I was sitting

Finger trailing through the grass
Gently kiss my thoughts as they go
My feet are weightless carried on silver notes
Coming up from daffodils
Dance beside the road and

This day is mine this day is mine

Cartwheel leaves pass my feet
Tickling the ground as they go
Cardigan on my shoulders
Taking in the colors of the park
I've got the feeling of that first stretch
In the morning going on and on and on
Got my halo swinging on my finger
Playing Frisbee with the sun

This day is mine
This day is mine

And I want to share it, want to share it
Want to share it with you
Emma's Imagination-This Day


  1. wow so many amazing summery pics!love them!!!

  2. AnonymousJune 18, 2012

    I love it! You are amazing!

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