Cliff Hangers.

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How does looking outward always seem to turn our thoughts inward?  So strange, but true.  Yesterday, I went to the cliffs at Torrey Pines, where all the hangliders and paragliders jump off, and all I could think about was the simple things in life.  Stripping my life down to the basic necessities again.  Giving everything back to God, and letting go of all my anxieties and worries.  My heart couldn't help but sing this song as I looked out to the enormous ocean from the cliffs: "All I Need is You."

I've had pretty bad anxiety lately and have struggled to keep my trust in God.  I just always think back to the picture that he's always there waiting to just hold me.  All I have to do is ask him to.  I don't know why it seems easier just to take everything into my own hands, but I always seem to choose that route.  That is, until I fail miserably and realize that I can't do anything without Him.  That's when all I can do is just pray, "all I need is You." 


  1. Love everything that you've written here. True.There's always a feeling of discomfort, but anyone can surpass the struggle in life as long as you keep your faith and believe everything will put into places....in time..:)

    Congrats to the winner!

  2. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    Awesome, thank you for this song and for the pictures. Complete abandonment to Him. I never heard this song before but it is now one of my favorites.

    How does looking outward always seem to turn our thoughts inward? What an incredibly true perspective.



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