At The Races.

My friend C & I went to the horse races at Del Mar this past weekend.  I think I am hooked.  We bet 2 dollars each on a horse the first race and C won $5, then we both lost the second race. We chose our horses based on their names and colors of course. On the third race, one of those rich guys who looked like he knew what he was doing told us to be on a particular horse, so we each pitched in $1 and he won! We split the $3.40 profit! The best part about it was the people watching though.  I've never seen such a mix of high profile and well... POWs in one place before.  There was a definite class structure to the whole thing and it was interesting seeing how people reacted to it- the POWs judging the high society and the elites judging the POWs (sorry-there's just no other word).  Then, there were people like us who were just there enjoying the experience and totally clueless about where we were "supposed" to belong. 
Wink & Wish won!
Total Spent- $5  (horses) + $4 (ice cream) 
Tickets & Parking- Free
Total Won- $3 split between us (it felt like a hundred) 


  1. It's always lovely to go out with bestie.Looks so much fun!:)

  2. You look beautiful in that color and the lipstick! Congratulations on the win but most of all for the fun! You inspire!


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