Signs of Summer.

Oh, I caved and bought a 3 month subscription to my favorite Aussie magazine, Frankie.  
It's is just so... me.  It's just random and lovely.  Plus, I love the writing.  It's feisty. 

There's nothing I love more than sipping a cappuccino and reading a Frankie magazine.  

I am actually at a deaf meet-up group right now, and I am finding this completely fascinating.  I love doing new things, and this is definately new to me.  My new roomie invited me, and I am so happy that I came.  I was a little nervous that they would think I wasn't cool because I couldn't sign, but just hanging out with these guys is inspiring.  I have this new goal to learn how to sign now. So, I will be going to these meet-up groups every week.  Within just one night, I learn how to say greetings, the alphabet, descriptions, how to hit on someone, and how to sell face cream to someone.  One of the guys my roomie was signing with turned out to be an Olympic basketball player, but how would I ever know that if I didn't go somewhere out of my comfort zone?

I have always been so in love with learning about other cultures and languages, but it never occurred to me that the deaf culture was right in front of me.  Everybody learns Spanish, but no one bothers to learn how to sign- that's what one of the guys we were signing with was saying. No one thinks to come to a deaf meet-up group if they don't know how to sign, but I would encourage you to because it totally bridges the gap that we inevitably place between us.  

Find a meetup group for something that you don't know anything about: MeetUp


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