Standing Out at Work.

1. Audacity- the courage to think big, show initiative, and take risks for a dream while facing the possibility of failure.
  • Stepping out in faith when it doesn’t make sense.  Only share your dream with people who can get you there.
  • (Genesis 37:5,10)
2. Likeability- possessing the attractive attitudes and relational skills that cause others to want to work with me.
  • How do you become likeable? Like them.  Help someone else succeed.  Choose to be interested in others and be genuine about it.  Attractive attitudes:  humble, cheerful, optimistic, helpful.
  • (Genesis 39:2-4)
3. Capacity- My potential for growth.  The desire to keep learning so I can increase in competence and handle greater responsibility.
  • Capacity= the amount of abilities that you’ve got.   Potential: 10 years from now, where could you be.
  • (Genesis 39:4-5)
4. Reliability- Earning the trust of others by always keeping my promises and fulfilling my responsibilities, even if it requires sacrifice.
  • I should be the most consistent, steady, accountable person in the workplace because of who I am.
  • (Genesis 39:6)
5. Loyalty- being faithful to my boss and to God when difficulty tests my commitment.
  • Your loyalty will be tested.  Don’t even listen to gossip.  Be real.  The way you act at home is the same at work.  Don’t segment your life otherwise you will lack integrity.
  • (Genesis 39:6-9)
6. Integrity-practicing in secret the values and beliefs I claim to hold in public.  Not compartmentalizing my life.
  • Not what people think you are – but who you actually are. Create boundaries to safeguard your integrity.
  • (Genesis 39:10, Phil. 2:15)
S – Step out in faith (Audacity)
H – Help others succeed (Likeability)
I – Improve myself daily (Capacity)
N – Never Make Excuses (Reliability
E – Eliminate gossip (Loyalty)
S – Safeguard my lifestyle (Integrity)
-Notes I took at Saddleback Church with Rick Warren, Nov 3-4, 2012

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