{r}evolution apparel.

Shannon & Kristen of {r}evolution apparel are travelers. Adventurers. Writers. Designers. Athletes. Artists. Minimalists. Kitchen-table philosophers. They like Australian beer. And mid-afternoon treats. Their best ideas come to us over a shared plate of (vegetarian) nachos. 

They're not hippies, but they’re not very conventional either. They believe that every purchase we make has an impact on the world. They believe change starts with the small things. They know that less is more.

They work in remote coffee shops around the world -- the constants are that they have each other, and they care about what they do.

Their goals don’t revolve around making sales or making millions; instead, making people think. They are just two people who want to live with purpose, passion, and adventure. And make the world a little bit better along the way.

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