Traveling in Tulle.

Everyone always tells you to find a career that you are passionate about.  I never thought about what is the cause behind our passions, though.  This morning I had an epiphany that God put passions, talents, and desires within us so that we would be driven towards those things.  Sometimes we get sidetracked by what is the “norm” or what society tells you what you should do.  We compare ourselves constantly to what the world views as successful, but we need to take a step back and evaluate what we were really put on this earth to do.  Think about what you are good at, what comes natural, and what you enjoy.  There may just be one or a bunch of different things!  Typically, if you imagine yourself in a career doing those things, it would seem to be a dream, almost too good to be true.  For example, I have a passion for writing, traveling, and editing.  They are really different from each other, but if I could imagine myself in a career doing any of those things, or better yet doing all 3, that would be a life of luxury for me.  I want to believe that I can find a career incorporating these three passions of mine and actually live my dream, rather than just daydream about it.

What is your passion?  Are you in a career doing that passion or do you plan to?

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