The Perfect Dome.

I am missing these perfect domed cappuccinos from Australia.  One of my favorite breakky places, Dôme, made them perfect every time.  Put two raw sugars in, stir it only half way, and sip the sugary foam off the top while reading Cleo Magazine or Frankie.  Then again, I'm sure I'll reminisce about my Dragon Pearl Tea Lattes from my local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, once I move away.
Where is a place I can find a perfect cappuccino like this one in Cali?  I'd love to know- I'm a bit of a coffee snob now.  I like them perfectly domed and perfectly perfect.  Is that too much to ask?  I've always thought that the most amazing job would to be a World Wide Coffee Taste Tester.  I could fly around the world reviewing coffee shops and get paid for it.

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