How do you define Joy?

I came across this article on Huffpost Healthy Living, and it caught my attention.  Huffington Post asked their readers on Facebook how they define "Joy" in their lives, and these were their favorite responses:

Joy is...

"Love." -- Caterina Jeffcote
"Being able to feel peaceful even within the ups and downs of life." -- Angela Henson
"My family, my friends, my bike & nature." -- Emma Woodcock
"Living fully in the moment." -- Dawn Gluskin
"The sound of my children laughing." -- Teresa Jeannette Miller
"Coming home to my wife and kids." -- Ian Bradley
"The complete feeling of 'oneness' with the Universe." -- N'ancy J'aime du N'iepokoj
"Being in the moment of pure happiness." -- Marsha Wheatley
"Harvesting my veggies and cutting some blooms for my bedroom and living room." -- Visitacion Rallis
"Family!" -- Donna Moore Bunning
"Grandchildren!" -- Cynthia Hopper
"Me and my six year old going higher and higher on our trampoline!" -- Christine Horny
"God's presence, and the love of my family and cats." -- Gina Wilkinson-Montague
"Sunshine + good friends." -- Saskia Rea
"Feeling light & bright." -- Emna Nouri
"Being in love." -- Evy Maarawi

How do you define "Joy" in your life?


  1. Chubbs, that calm that comes with freshly fallen snow, husband, a bowl of ice cream, time spent with my KDDDD sisters.

  2. AnonymousJuly 19, 2013

    Those brief moments when I can be detatched from the stress, emotions, worries of daily life. When I can relax my mind and listen to music or words reminding me that God is completely in love with me. When I am deep in prayer. When I am with my family.

  3. Beautiful list! Thank you for sharing.



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