Amber Gray.

I was so ecstatic and starstruck when I received an email from Amber Gray herself! She is my complete inspiration and photography guru.  When I first saw her website I was in awe.  Her magical images conjure up dream-like fantasy worlds that don't exist down here on earth, yet she makes it feel like it is all around us and we just can't see it.  She is literally a genius in her skills, graduating from Harvard at age 12.  She is currently living in Manhattan.  My favorite thing about Amber's work is her use of lighting because it is impeccable, and she hypnotizes you into the moods she desires.  I also love that she has a sense of humor, which can be seen through her films and blog.  She is now surfacing in the directing world, and I have complete confidence that she has the passion and talent to succeed fully in that business as well.  She is without a doubt my favorite photographer.

Now, let me introduce you to her wondrous world:
Marie Claire China
To see more visit Amber Gray's Website & Blog


  1. beautiful pictures!!


  2. Lovely photos! :) nice page you have.

    have a nice day!


  3. Breathtaking!

    Summer, you moved! Don't worry, I'm still following. :)

    Talk to you soon. XxOo.

  4. Winderful photographs!!!


  5. Wow!! You're totally right!! These pictures are so amazing and beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!! And thank you for leaving such a lovely comment in my blog!! I'm following you!!


  6. love the ethereal quality of the first few photos- thanks for sharing :)


  7. You're right, her photography is beautiful! I especially like the first few, it's like looking into a dream. Thanks for the tip! x Emily

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  8. Ohmigosh I absolutely LOVE these photographs - what an exquisite collection!

    By the way, "All Things Bright and Beautiful" is phenom - highly recommended!! :)

  9. Love your images.
    There all very inspirational.!

  10. Wow!! Really cool photos, its so great that you were able to receive an e-mail from her!! I especially like the first few pictures, they are reminiscent of the latest Alice in Wonderland movie for me :) Thanks for following, i'm a new follower of yours! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  11. hey thx for the comment.
    why dont u try CANON EOS 1000D? or nikon d3000? i think theyre both under 500dollars. theyre easy to use.. very good for beginners, too ;)


  12. The lighting in her photos is amazing ! I can imagine what is receiving an email from someone you admire and who is a reference for you :)

    By the way, if you want to get into photography the Nikon d3000 is very good option, I bought it in a pack with 2 objectives, its very ergonomic and the quality is very high for the price.

  13. i find it really impressive that someone who could graduate from harvard at age 12 could also be so creative. thank you for introducing me to her work!


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