Silk Teddy & Push Up.

I escaped to my mini-vacation spot here in Colorado... Fort Collins. Its far enough away that I feel far away from home and my cares and worries.  I was thinking about all the times I have felt trapped in my life.  Ever since I can remember I always felt trapped because I didn't have a car, or I wasn't old enough to leave on my own, or I was trapped in a friendship or a relationship. I finally feel like all the strings have been cut and I am free to fly.  I finally feel like I am at a time in my life where I am completely free.  I have nothing holding me back, and I just want to run ... across the world.  Fly around this planet to every corner that I can, while I can.
I think you should always have a place you can escape to that you claim yours.  For me, in Colorado that place is Fort Collins where I leave all of my cares and worries behind and just enjoy life with my friends.   I think everyone should make a point, wherever you are, to find a place that is yours that you can escape to.  And make sure to spoil yourself while your there and make it a point to not punish yourself for leaving.  Everyone deserves an escape.  I think its a vital part of wellbeing.
Bra Band Du Jour:  Plastiscines 
I love love love these girls!  They make the perfect escape soundtrack.


  1. wow, hot girls, great shots:)

  2. I really think that I have to escape somewhere...ok, more than escape, find my place somewhere else...I hope I will able to do it when I finish my final project :)!

  3. You're right! Her photography is amazing, I especially love the first few, it really is like looking into a dream!



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