Perfection to Zen.

Twilight night for my friend's birthday was the most perfect thing I could've done last night.  Nothing cheers me up like Edward, wine, delicious food, and great friends.  On New Years Eve, I am going to my first pot-luck dinner before we hit downtown Denver's nightlife. I am trying to decide what I should make, and I have my eyes on The Barefoot Contessa's Eton Mess Recipe.  One thing I learned from this party was that presentation is everything.  Look how beautifully this was set up! I'll keep that in mind for the pot-luck.
I am trying really hard to focus on the present and not the past or the future right now.  I keep worrying about the little details of my trip ahead.  As I have said before,  I am a planner.  One of my favorite things in life is planning every single detail out.  It's worrisome to me that I am going with no plan at all, and it is completely foreign to me.  In my book "How To Get What You Want" by Raymond Hull,  it says that constructive thoughts kill worry.  It says that worry comes from when you can't make up your mind to do what you know should be done.  Today, I will work on eliminating my worry by writing down the things that I am worrying about and find constructive ways that I plan action to take against my worries.  Right now my biggest concerns are where I will be living and if I can get health insurance in time before I go.  I feel that once I sit down and deal with the worries that are taking over me, I will be able to really enjoy these last 17 days before I leave.

"Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy."~Leo Buscaglia


  1. i love that quote at the end...it is perfect! and how fun that you are going to a pot luck!! this spread looks fantastic and i'm sure yours tomorrow will be fabulous as well!

    happy new years to you lovely!


  2. you are right, presentation makes all the difference and those pics prove it. lovely set-up! good luck on your potluck recipe, much success lades.

    i'm also with you on perfection/control stuff. what i try to do is instead of asking myself to choose...that always seems so pressure filled and loaded with self doubt. i ask instead "what is my preference?" this always calms me down a bit and seems to get a more honest answer from my soul. thanks for the tip on that book, i love reading about empowering messages like that. ♥

  3. That is a nice spread and I like the quote.


  4. Wow! Those pictures makes me hungry!

    And that's a good idea to wrote down your worries.
    It's the best way to find solutions and to calm yourself.

  5. Hey Summer! Beautiful and delicious food! Yum!! I like to plan things too but my problem is that I procrastinate a lot (which is a very bad habit of mine) to the last minute and I have a lot of things going on at the same time. I've been working at my company for two years and half now and I need a change. I've saved up some money but that's for paying my school and other important health expenses like my braces. I'm paying everything for myself in my life...so I'm very careful where my money goes. My top places to go are Australia and New York. I definitely need to get a job to support myself though but I need to sit down and make a plan first :-) xoxoxoxoo

  6. ooh sooo beautiful!! i think i saw this episode, i love her! haha, going somewhere with no plan is quite scary but that's the best part - you are going to have an absolutely AMAZING time :)

    dragon fruit

  7. Very nice post dear))) I like it!!! Happy holidays =)Happy holidays =) That is super nice….!!!

  8. thanks for your lovely comment! mmm you're getting me hungry what with all that gorgeous food and talk of edward !

  9. I am definitely a planner too. Sometimes it's good, sometimes, not so much! But all this food is making my mouth water....yum!


  10. You have so many exciting things to look forward to! Make your list of what needs to get done and then just focus on the fun times that lie ahead of you. Happy New Year! xx

  11. oooh where are you moving? i know all sorts of things about finding places to live in europe/ international health insurance! kind of.....probably only if your destination is germany or austria....

  12. amazing photos, the food looks delicious!!

  13. i love love love that picture of the cheese. i LOVE cheese!!!!!!!! mmmmm!!!

    allister bee blog

  14. That quote could not have been more perfect! I too am a worry wart...It never does me any good! I hope you enjoy your New Year's potluck! xo

  15. I'm a big worrier also, but started keeping a positivity journal to look back on.

    On a better note, that food looks so yummy. Have fun on you NYE Party

  16. The presentation is gorgeous! :) The food looks yum!
    Have a good NEw Year! :)

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  17. that quote is one of my faves :)
    and your meal looks really delicious there :)

    happy early new year 2011 to you :)
    bisous xx
    glisters and blisters

  18. oooh ... your posts are always interesting .

    the food looks delicius .

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    Happy new year


  19. All these food got me hungry!

  20. Hey!
    I have nominated your blog for an award! Stop by mine for the details.


  21. Mmmmm.... food p0rn. ;-) Love it!


  22. I'm more a 'go with the flow' kind of person but I actually want to learn to be a planner but it just seems better and more organized when things are planned well ahead! Awhhhh.. those food got me all hungry now.

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  23. Thanks for following me. I really appreciate it. Happy new year!

  24. What a beautiful quote! And the food looks delicious!

    Hope you can follow :)

  25. Here's to braving the cold in Colorado for some bangin' nightlife! I'm wearing my sparkly shoes...fuck the ice.

    PS: That food looks drool worthy.

  26. Wow nice blog!!
    i´m following you

    happy new year!!

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  27. um love your blog. title. header. everything!

  28. That food looks so delicious. I could have cheese and crackers any time of the day. Happy new year!


  29. looks delicious :)
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  30. Don't worry sweetie, everything works out eventually. For me it sound so strange to have health insurance, in Norway all expenses are payed by the government so I can understand that it's a worry for you guys, since I never have been forced to worry about it. Have a happy new year sweetie, and enjoy the last days!

    Love Iben

  31. mmmmm! this is making me hungry! =)


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