Au Naturale.

Being a hippie/surfer for the past few weeks, I have actually started to miss being clean and dressing up.  Surprise, surprise.  Not that I don't love having ocean washed hair and sand literally everywhere (my bed, my clothes, my towel)...

Living at a surf camp, in a tiny house with 18 people and an outdoor shower, it makes it hard to care much. I sleep with my suitcase on my bed because thats literally all the room I have, but my life here is so perfect I honestly don't care.  There are a few extras in my life that I have given up that I miss though which becomes predominately more evident when I scope my favorite bloggies [yes, i made that up, but im going to just slide with it].

Clean clothes & perfectly styled hair.

The entire process of baking: Line up, Measure, Time, Devour, Gift.

Wearing heels that catch both guys' and girls' attention.

Pretty, girly accessories like pearl earrings and flowers.

The girls all went out to the nearest pub the other night, mind you we are literally in the middle of nowhere so it was about an hour away.  It was a dodgy little place with a band in their late 40's, but we were dressed up as much as we could and it felt so nice to just get girly a bit.

Although, I do miss getting all dressed up, there is still something so natural and freeing about just letting go and not caring anymore.  I love my life here.  Bonfires, dancing, beach parties, chilling out on a hammock, surfing every day, getting a nice aussie tan, goon (cheap wine) and cordial (flavored sugar water), making bracelets,  beach volleyball etc... It is a constant party here all day every day, but I can also go on a quiet walk on the beach anytime I want to get away from it all.  Honestly, I don't mind the dirt, sand, cockroaches, tiny bed, walking around barefoot, and wearing a swimsuit every day. I love my life here where I belong at the moment, living on Arrawarra Beach in Australia.
{My pictures from Spot X Surf Camp on Arrawarra Beach, Australia}


  1. I love the heels she is wearing.

  2. I love the beautiful girl wearing a flower in her hair....... and the one in the hammock!

  3. i love the daybook. (and strongbow ain't bad either.)

    also, your life looks crrrrraaaazy!/amazing.

  4. I love the beach photos. I want to jump right in them and join you

  5. looks amazing!!! I love you Jenni and miss you like a crazy person!

  6. I looks like although you don't have some creature comforts it is an amazing experience!!

  7. Heels will catch a guys attention.


  8. love the bright gingham patterned shirt

  9. daybook photo is great,actually i'm loving all pics!:))

  10. your pictures are wonderful i wish you would post more! jealous of your life! so much more important than designer clothes.


  11. You sound apologetic about your lifestyle, why? It sounds like a dream.


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