Rainstorms & Waves.

I made a tent out of my bed with sheets and towels.   I am sitting here listening to the rain pour outside and the thunderstorm brew while I'm safe covered in blankets in my tent.  It always makes me feel little again whenever there's a thunderstorm.  It's been amazing watching the seasons change here.  The water is as warm as bath-water here, but the nights get a little chilly.  There are thunderstorms and rainbows almost everyday, but then there is also sunshine and sunbathing weather everyday as well.

I've learned here that even in a place of pure perfection, there is no such thing as a continuous joy. If there was we would never appreciate the good things.  If I never got sad or didn't like something I would never appreciate the happiness I get and the things that I love.  I have learned that instead of searching for this impossible (and less fun) continuous joy, I need to search for little things everyday that I love and gain my joy from those little things.  I know it may seem impossible that in a place this amazing, I would still need to search for joy but I do!  Today, I had amazing pancakes, had a wonderful time surfing and stood up on almost all of the waves I caught, finally got to do my washing (it was so exciting because its been so long), wrote in my journal alone on the beach as I watched the sunset, and now sitting here in my bunk-bed-tent listening to the rainstorm.
{above photo taken by another grom here at Surf Camp a few days ago}



  2. You words take me away.... what a beautiful observation about good and bad times and how we can't appreciate the good without some bad. You are very wise...

  3. What a reflective post! Lovely. And love the whole blanket tent thing...used to adore it when I was little.


  4. sounds incredible! I am jealous of your surfing :)


  5. that sounds amazing! it was thunder storming here last night. I thought the walls would cave in.

  6. reading this makes me wanna build a tent in my room too.. it's been a while since I last did that.. amazing photos.. how cool is it you're in a surf camp.. enjoy!


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