Hey Sweets.

I had this amazing idea that I would jump from that ledge and get a jumping shot into the water and land perfectly.  Of course, I slipped and got soaked!  Nanna and I had an amazing day just playing around with her new camera.  Sometimes, just taking photos is the most fun thing to do!
I was in such a terrible mood this morning! I woke up with bad dreams, late for work.  I felt like all I wanted to do was go back to bed… I had a complete lack of energy, motivation, and joy.   Thankfully, some of my friends had this amazing idea to go bike riding.  To my surprise, there was this fantastic bike trail along the coast.   We met up in Surfers and then rode to Broad Beach.  By the time I got on the trail, all my stress, sadness, and lethargy had gone completely.  I was in ecstasy flying along the path next to the beach.  We found this amazing park, which had some incredible swings that we played on for a while.  Along the path, there are exercise equipment for the runners to work out on along the beach! It’s so smart and so perfect!  I was so excited to discover this part of Surfers Paradise, and such a refreshing change of pace.   It’s a lesson to myself too, that whenever I get in one of these moods, just to get out in the sun and do something active! Meet up with friends for coffee or play at the park.  How easily a bad mood that you think is unchangeable can make a turn for a fantastic, blissful, and enlightening day! 
How beautiful was this sunset as I was riding back home today?  How could I not have a smile on my face all the way back!?  I really do live in Paradise.


  1. what a beautiful sunset *sigh I need to visit Australia some day

  2. AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    That is beautiful! PERSPECTIVE- we all need it.

  3. That sunset is SO gorgeous! Lovely photos.

    xx Melina

    .but i like it.

  4. that sunset is absolutely stunning!
    i love your blog. every time i read a post of yours i just want to get out and travel somewhere!

  5. That first picture is so pretty.



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