Keen on you.

 Diva Tea & Coffee House: the poshest little coffee shop ever, i just adore.
The aussie obsession that I finally gave into, Muesli! I put make it into oatmeal or eat it with some healthy yoghurt for breaky. 

Eggs that smile make me happier to crack them and make a yummy omelette w/ tomatoes and avo :)

I started this new project to organize group outings for backpackers who want to take crazy Australian adventures together. So, now I work with the company to get backpackers AMAZING discounts :) My first group outing that I organized: jet ski safari!!!

It's my favorite thing I have done so far!  I went up to 60 MPH [100KPH] jumping over the waves and doing turns.  Then we stop at an island for a drink at the tike bar that looks like it is off of the set of lost.  I get off my jet ski and a baby kangaroo hops right in front of me!  

Sitting reading my fantastic new book by the marina where I live. 
Need some groceries? It's just a fantastic 40 minute walk down this beautiful beach.  Not too shabby, hey?
This is where I get my singing done since I don't have a car to sing in anymore.
Winter? Doesn't look like it… I'm in denial.
The two love birds that squawked at me non-stop after taking this picture.  I guess I interrupted their private time… woops!!
I finally caved and bought some much needed jeans and a blazer from my new favorite store: factorie.


  1. AnonymousMay 13, 2011

    An absolutely uncanny eye for pictures... great great awesome photography my dear!

  2. Jet skiing looks so fun, and the sea is beautiful!

  3. i loveee jetskiing! that's amazing! xx


  4. aamzing plan!

    kisis from http://www.aboutmyfashionlife.blogspot.com/

  5. what an amazing job, looks like so much fun. I have never gone skying but oh I can't wait to someday

  6. can't wait for summer to go to the beach

  7. Gorgeous photos! Especially the little birdies. And wow--I want everything in that coffee place.

  8. I had museli everyday for breakfast in france. everything looks amazing as always!

  9. Good to know your life is good in Australia the way you wanted it to be.Great photos as well.:)


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