One of those days...

They all can't be fantastic, right? Then I wouldn't appreciate the good days.

I am in a bit of a funk today, missing my friends back home terribly.  I have been sort of moping around, reading my book in various places around the town.

I also like to buy myself things when I am sad, so I splurged and got some banana bread and fancy cappuccino to drink while I read by the pier. Then, I meandered through an art gallery right next to where I live, which I admire as I pass to get to my room. This one by Samantha Everton especially caught my eye because it is exactly how I feel today...
Finally, I ended up on the beach where it was too windy, but I got to meditate to a few new Brandon Heath songs I just downloaded.  Plus, a free one on iTunes I downloaded last night by Christina Perri- Bluebird.
In the end,  it may not have been a significant day or the most exciting day in the world, but at least I had some time to pray, meditate, and read my book.  And for that I am very thankful.

Now, watch this beautiful dance/song number that I am now officially in love with:

I've watched it like 10 times today.

I wish you all a fabulous day.  And if it's just one of those days for you too, find something you love and share it in the comments!


  1. haha ! the first pic is amazing ...I fell in that mood sometimes!

    ciao ave

    new post by me

  2. ahaha really, the first image is too funny!! :D


  3. AnonymousMay 15, 2011

    Where there is joy, there is love.... find joy and love in the little things.... you are wonderful Princess!

  4. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    What a moving video by Christina Perri. thanks for sharing it.

  5. I was having one of those nights last night, glad it all disappeared with the night's darkness :)

    Happy Monday!! off I go to listen to the song

  6. I hear you! I also tend to buy stuff when I am feeling down.
    Prayer works wonders...sometimes we need such days...just to connect with the King of kings.

    I am happy you mentioned Brandon Heath...my first time listening to him...but I love it. I'm going to download me some songs.

    thanks for sharing this awesome post.
    Have a great week & remember you are blessed!

  7. ok the first pic is soo funny!


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