Your Vanity Dreams.

So often you hear that life is what you make it.
Believe it, people!  My whole life I sat staring at the mountains wishing they were waves. Daydreaming about laying on a hammock next to the ocean.  Living in a place where the city was sitting literally on the beach!  Amazing food and friends available to me anywhere and everywhere.  This is my life, after working hard and saving the money for this dream that I can now call a reality. 

Believe in your dreams enough to make it your reality!

It sounds like a cheesy line from a greetings card, but I wish I could tell people the truth in it.... to show the truth in this statement.  

Life is EXACTLY what you put into it.  Put your dreams and your hard work together and you can achieve anything you want!!!! What is your dream?  

Mine was to live in Surfer's Paradise in Australia in a house on the beach.  Partying with friends, chilling on the beach,  enjoying every moment of life...  

Imagine your dream right now. 
Write a list of what you need to do to get there.
Time will pass anyways, so why not make it count towards the goal you truly desire?

There is a club here called Vanity.  I spent more time in the bathrooms than I did inside because it was so much fun.  They have facebook, a makeup and hair artist, perfumes for you to wear, lounges and tvs.  Obviously, I have given up a bit on fashion while I have been here.  Most of my clothes have been lost or stolen, and what I wear most of the time are big t-shirts that I cut up.  The funny thing is that people don't care.  I swear I have just as much fun as those beautiful girls in the high heels and tight mini dresses, if not more.  Life is all about perspective.  I am so thankful everyday for my circumstances.

Stay happy and hopeful.  Joy is simple and easy to find, no matter where you are. Change your perspective if you feel unhappy, and soon you will realize the simple joys of life around you all day everyday.  I promise you!


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2011

    SO Awesome! I wish I was there now. Excellent perspective on life.....

  2. This really gave me a huge boost when I really needed one! Lovely to read :) thank you!


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    Kisses, Romina.


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