3 ways to find Joy!

3 ways to find Joy!
Joy to me is the combination of peace and happiness.  If you can calm your mind, you will find the simple things in life are what make you happiest.
  • Just Breath! 
Focusing on your breath centers you and makes you realize the miracle that you are alive and blessed to be able to breathe.  I always like to think of my breath as the sound of the ocean waves washing on shore, as it helps me to relax.  Take 3 deep breaths, and then continue.  Almost every time, I feel better just after breathing.
  • Keep Perspective!
When you are super stressed, your vision becomes so narrow on the problem in front of you.  It makes you feel like the thing you are worried about is so huge!  But when you change your perspective, and imagine looking down on yourself from the future, or at the end of your life, how big is this problem really?  Is it really worth ruining your day over? Keep your perspective large, and all your small non-important problems will disappear.
  • Practice Mindfulness!
This is one of my favorite practices, and best calming tricks. Throughout your entire day, while you are walking, eating, sitting... notice all of your senses and start listing the things around you.  Right now, I am sitting outside at night, listening to the rain on the palm trees,  the breeze flowing through the leaves. I hear the sound of a movie playing in the common area and the faint sound of someone practicing guitar. I feel the cool Australian winter air and my soft blanket wrapped around me.  I see 12 wonderfully unique guys and girls from all over the world, in a colorful hostel, just happening to cross eachothers' lives at this place and time, all coming together to watch the same movie in this tiny beach town in Australia.

I hear...
I feel...
I see...
I smell...
I taste...


  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

    i seriously love this post. just when i need someone to remind me of this at this moment, i read this post, so great, thank you.

  2. Thankyou for sharing such a lovely post with lovely pictures.

    Eda ♥

  3. AnonymousJune 30, 2011

    You brought tears to my eyes, again! ILY

  4. great post, your blog is the bomb!

  5. Wow lovely pictures...great post.

  6. Great tips! :) Lovely photos!


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