The Secret.

I have discovered this amazing secret of life.   It is simple, yet no one realizes it.  It is the power of giving love for the things that you want.  It is the amazing fact that you can create the life that you want.   All you have to do is give love for the things that you desire.  Don’t let any negative feelings of jealousy, doubt, sadness, guilt, fear, or anything else enter your mind otherwise you will bring negative things into your life.  Every morning I meditate thinking only of things that I love…  I think of my amazing life of living in Australia forever.  I think of how I am becoming my healthiest I have ever been.  I think of how amazing life is when I surround myself with happy, positive people. 

This is the secret that so many people that I know don’t realize.  That whatever you can dream, whatever you can imagine your life to be, it can be that.  At one point and time, before I was even in Australia or knew I was coming here,  I loved the life that I am living right now.  I loved it into existence.  So many people settle for the things that they think they are stuck with, but in reality, all they need to do is love the life they want.  Love it and believe in it enough, and it will come into reality. 

This is my secret that I believe with all of my heart.  


  1. so so true, this is a great reminder.

  2. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    I pray that you always love your life and give thanks to God every day for the gifts He has given you, the Mercy and Grace He has shown you,Angel!

  3. so beautiful.


  4. You girls look gorgeous and so does that waterfront. Wow.

    And all great advice in this post too. It's easier said than done of course to not let negative thoughts invade your mind, but hey, all the more of a reason to be reminded to think positively and associate with positive people.

  5. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    More pictures--- you are so amazing!

  6. love your posts! perfect summer



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