Being in Surfers for the past 2 months and then coming to Noosa, a completely different place, has made me realize how easy it is to get back into stress-mode.  Without even realizing it I have gotten back into my stressful thought patterns, with negative thoughts clouding my mind. When my friends, B & J got here to Australia, we were busy and stressed out for the first 2 weeks, but then now that we are in Noosa, I am finally able to show them the worry-free Australia I know and love.  I finally remember the joy in just sitting in the sun, listening to exotic birds chirping, sleeping in the rain, and walking therapy sessions with my twinzies.  Just walking can be such an incredible experience.  I wish I could explain this to everyone around me, how amazing Australia is, the real Australia, not the fake parts like the middle of Surfers Paradise.  Sometimes partying and touristy places can be fun, but I know that is not the place to find happiness in.  Right now we are in a small beachy town called Noosa, living the good life just chillin’ in the sun. My friends and I are living together for the first time, and we are learning so many things from each other.  I think that is the important part about having friends learning from their mistakes and enjoying life together, and always realizing that our time spent together makes up our lives.  Life is all about finding joy, love, and growing spiritually.  I feel so blessed to have my friends here to help me find those things, helping me stay on track along the way. 


  1. Beautiful post!! I love Australia - no place like it :) xx


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  3. AnonymousJune 26, 2011


  4. this post makes me feel like jumping in the next airplane to australia

  5. so happy this trip worked out perfectly for you! sounds like a dream!


  6. love the hat with the rose details in front - so cute


  7. Its always nice to get away, and relax. Its so necessary! Enjoy :)


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