Hats & Crowns.

Way back, before I came to Australia,  I found this line called MARKET HQ.  See here when I fell in love with it.  In this Australian "winter" on the gold coast, it does require you to cover up a bit more. Unlike back home in Colorado, you don't have to cover up so much that you lose your style and shape in heaps of layers.  I live in the Gold Coast where fashion and looks take priority over personality or ability.    Here's the key to the Aussie winter look... cover up your arms or your legs, but not both. And top if off with a hat which magically reduces the need for a jacket! Oh yeah, and animal prints count for fur, so you can show your legs and your arms and still magically stay warm.  Voila.  That is the recipe for becoming Australian-winter-chic! 
ps. its really not that cold

Want to know what the Aussie's fashion looks like in the winter?  Here you go:
...i guess crowns count for hats too


  1. this is awesomeeee I need to get to australia!


  2. AnonymousJune 09, 2011

    some beautiful inspirations!

  3. Great looks. I'm always a sucker for floppy hats and leopard anything.

  4. loooove the super market picture. so pretty

    X, Annie


  5. Ohhh I love the maroon and white one! So gorgeous!!! And I'm from Colorado too- I found you on the Location Central blog :) Have a great day!



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