Gum Trees.

I bought this new button-up shirt dress from Chic-a-booti on my birthday.  I have this very strange, un-like-me obsession with birds lately.  Like, for example, I bought this stuffed animal kookaburra that I sleep with at night and now this dress with exotic birds on it.  There are so many cute exotic birds everywhere and I love them, they are so cute!  My german roommates and I went to King's Park in Perth, and it was overflowing with beautiful flowers I have never seen before.  Then, there were some baby ducklings that I was completely obsessed with, again I think it is that it has to do with the bird-thing... ducks are birds, right?  Haha, whatevs, it was an amazing day & I got to practice my photography!


  1. Happy Belated birthday...Nice pictures :)

  2. Beautiful Summer! What amazing photography...post more! can't see enough of your pictures....VERY CUTE DRESS! L. M.

  3. Happy Birthday!! And those photos are simply amazing!! I love all the animals; so cute! :) Thanks for sharing!

    xo, gina


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