My Boots.

There really is no way to describe how monotonous my wardrobe seems after living out of a suitcase for 8 months now.  Even after 1 month, I was sick of everything I owned.  One trend that the Aussie girls totally have down perfectly is wearing boots with shorts.  I always thought this was such a cute look, and so when I needed black closed toed shoes for work, guess what kind I decided to buy?  It was the perfect excuse to go to City Beach, and finally splurge on some cute black boots to go with my work outfit (black shorts + black shirt). My job is as a bartender at a beach front hotel where I can watch the sunset over the ocean through the ginormous windows that surround the bar.  Sometimes it's weird how normal all of this seems to me, but I have been struck with a serious case of homesickness that I hope gets better shortly.  No worries...all I need is a few more of these, and I'll be okay.

[this girl's got it down perfectly! via lookbook]


  1. Woow, great pic, love your look!



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