Gin & Java.

Like I said before, I have 2 jobs, one of which I quit.  One is as a waitress on a beach cafe the other as a bartender at a beach bar.  Surprisingly, I am best as a bartender.  I almost never mess up, and I actually make good tips for a country that doesn't tip.  The waitressing, however, I am honestly terrible at.  There are some people who are good at waitressing and some who just aren't.  For some reason, it just doesn't work with my mind.  I am good at analyzing, organizing, planning, and creative-type things. So, why then did I quit the job I was good at?

Well, there is something I have learned in my life, and it is: surround yourself with good company.  The most amazing job in the world would be worthless if the people you work with are fake, negative, angry people.  Yet, if you could work in the worst job ever and be surrounded with great friends and positive attitudes, the quality of your live would vastly improve. Even, in my case, if you are terrible at your job and break a hundred glasses. So, in an effort to rid myself of the negative people in my life and surround myself with people who make me laugh, smile, and happy, I quit.

Now, here's some pretty eye candy for you that is in no way related Xx


  1. You are very inspiring! Love the "Eye Candy" picture. It is really fun to look at. Great truth's in your blog!

  2. your brilliant Xx
    Wise and Pretty!

    Love, Janeyl

  3. oh so true so true. I was gonna do a blog post about the exact same thing. Lately, I have been feeling that way too.


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